Cowboys QB Dak Prescott surprises family of slain Mississippi deputy

Dak Prescott’s legend continues to grow in Mississippi and beyond.

The former Mississippi State quarterback and current Dallas Cowboys star brightened a family’s day when he visited Nash Durr, the 10-year-old son of Deputy William Durr, who was killed in the May 27-28 shooting spree in Brookhaven, Miss., that left eight people dead.

Nash’s mother Tressie told him the family was taking a trip to a botanical garden Saturday, but instead he was surprised by Prescott.

Well done to all involved, including The Clarion-Ledger for reporting the story.

It was widely assumed around the NBA that Holiday wasn’t going to end up anywhere else but New Orleans. Not only did the Pelicans not have any option other than to re-sign him due to their current roster salary structure, but also the organization and player had built up a level of mutual admiration for each other owing to how they handled his wife’s health crisis together. This was an easy match for the two parties.

The question now shifts to value. Holiday will (likely) begin this contract by making $21.7 million, with eight-percent raises pushing it up into the $28.7 million range by the end of the deal. At that price and length given Holiday’s current skills and injury history, it’s a small overpay.

This was the first (mostly) healthy season for the former UCLA product in New Orleans, and he responded by putting up 15.4 points and 7.3 assists per game. Holiday is also a strong defensive player who not only can be a pest at the point of attack and force turnovers by getting into passing lanes, but he’s also big enough to not get bullied by many switches and mismatches.


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