Russell Westbrook, Patrick Beverley trade verbal jabs in postgame press conferences

The Russell Westbrook and Patrick Beverley beef history is nothing new. We got one more dose of it in Game 5 of the Houston Rockets-Oklahoma City Thunder first-round series. With Westbrook doing all he could to keep the Thunder in the game, he got into a little trash-talking episode with Beverley late in the game.

Beverley was the first to have his postgame press conference and was obviously asked about the incident. We got a little insight into the monologue that went down.

“It was shocking because he looked up and said no one can guard me, I got 40 points. That’s nice, it took 34 shots to get it. I’m not out here trying to bash anybody but I mean, men lie, women lie, the numbers don’t.”

Russell had a little different version of how the conversation went, though.

“Oh yeah, he was talking about how he was first-team all-defense. I didn’t know what the hell he was talking about because I had 42 at the time. I don’t know what he was talking about, maybe he was dreaming about some shit I don’t know. Sorry, excuse my cuss word, I don’t know what he was talking about, I guess he wants be first-team all-defense or something, maybe he was dreaming about it.”
Don’t apologize, Russ. Don’t ever apologize.

Bird then traded George’s best friend, George Hill, for a more traditional point guard in Jeff Teague. George and Hill fished together at their homes in Indiana. They even carpooled to practice together. But it’s a business, so George accepted it and moved on the best he could, won a Gold Medal in Rio, and repped the Pacers the entire time.


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