Davis Webb has support as Giants contemplate drafting QB

T-minus four days until the 2018 NFL draft. It’s a big one for the New York Giants. They’re picking second overall and face a decision that could determine the overall success of the franchise for the next decade.

What Shurmur and Gettleman really think about Webb is shrouded in mystery. When the Giants hold their first minicamp of the season from Tuesday-Thursday, it will be their first opportunity to see Webb on the field with their own eyes. How Webb performs will be monitored closely, but it won’t affect their already determined draft board.

The Indians have been one of the game’s colder offenses to begin 2018, and one of the saving graces of their schedule is that they’re highly likely to face nothing but right-handed starting pitching in their five games, good news for those who need to rely upon their midtier hitters like Yonder Alonso, Jason Kipnis and Bradley Zimmer. As for the Twins, their low hitting rating is largely the product of their drawing assignments against Corey Kluber and Chris Archer, giving this lineup with a lot of swing-and-miss in it one of the more strikeout-susceptible schedules. Coupling that with the fact that this is a terrible base stealing schedule, ice-cold Byron Buxton and Logan Morrison appear to be wise sits.

“If we get the opportunity to move back, it’s gotta make sense,” Ballard said, “and we still gotta get one of those premier players. Are we open to (a trade)? Yes. We’re open to it. Will we do it? I think it just depends on how far back we’d be willing to move.”

Vital here is what Ballard has deemed a premier player. When the Colts moved back from No. 3 to No. 6, trading with the Jets back in March, they only did so after identifying four non-QBs they believe fit into that category. In other words, they can still get a guy they want.

What’s changed, Ballard revealed Friday, is that he and his staff have now identified eight non-QB targets of that caliber. The Colts are only willing to move back if they strongly believe they can still snatch one of those players – “guys that we think make an impact and a difference on game day,” Ballard explained, “and makes game-winning plays for us. Guys on Monday and Tuesday that the other team is game-planning (for).”

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