Offensive line coach Mike Munchak is also staying on staff after fielding overtures from the Arizona Cardinals Jersey for their head coaching job.

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For Auld Lang Syne to the 2017 NFL regular season. (Is that the right use of that phrase? Eh, who cares. It’s 2018, baby!).
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For better (touchdown celebrations!) and worse (omg, so many injuries), the 2017 NFL regular season is over. Now we focus on the playoffs. Well, we, the fans, and the 12 teams still remaining will, at least. The other 20 teams can work on figuring out who their next coach will be or who they’re going to draft this spring.

But before we look ahead, let’s take a peek at Week 17’s numbers and say our final goodbye to what was a strange season, in many different ways, in the NFL.

2017 was a great year for NFL parity. Eight teams that failed to make the playoffs in 2016 found their way to the postseason. That’s more than any season since 1990 锟斤拷 the first year with a 12-team playoff. Five of those teams won their division just one year after finishing third or worse the year prior 锟斤拷 including worst-to-first efforts from the Eagles and Jaguars.

But while that’s good news for the Bills, Rams, Vikings, Saints, Panthers and Titans, it’s awful for last year’s holdovers. The Giants posted the league’s biggest regression after falling from 11-5 to 3-13, but at least they’ll get a premium draft pick out of the deal. The Raiders, Texans, and Dolphins both fell out of the playoffs and to six wins or fewer. The Cowboys, Seahawks, Packers, and Lions will join them as postseason spectators this January.

On a frigid day throughout most of the U.S., one of the most heart-bursting moments Oscar Robertson Womens Jersey of the day 锟斤拷 and really the entire season 锟斤拷 was watching the Bills celebrate their first playoff appearance in 17 years. Their ticket was punched in one of the most dramatic ways possible, too. The Bills won their last game, but they needed the Ravens to lose to the Bengals at home to grab the final wild card spot in the AFC.
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With Fichtner remaining the quarterbacks coach, the Steelers still need a wide receivers coach after the retirement of Richard Mann after 33 years in the NFL.

Fichtner last called plays at Memphis from 2001 to ’06. Former Tigers head coach Tommy West says Fichtner is a well-prepared playcaller who listens to the ideas of his players and knows how to work with all types of personalities.

A lot of guys you watch, you know they are a play or two behind and reactionary, West said. I thought a strength of Randy’s was anticipating things coming up. He was really good at knowing what’s coming and having plays ready for each circumstance.

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