Do the Panthers even like Cam Newton?

Yes, the timeline you’ve seen for this is correct. In Week 13, the Panthers benched Cam Newton for not wearing a tie on a road trip. In Week 14, Newton injured his shoulder against the Chargers, but the Panthers claimed his MRI showed no problems. He started the final three games.

And on Tuesday, nearly 3 1/2 months after the injury, the team announced Newton was getting surgery for a torn rotator cuff … and that the tear had been diagnosed in that MRI.

That timeline is disturbing enough. Add it to the timeline of the rest of the regular season — starting with the season opener in Denver — and it’s time to ask an important question:

Anyway, I’m getting off track. Manfred’s comments on MLB reexamining its stance on gambling is all about the folks who watch baseball, not those who play baseball or work in baseball. There’s zero chance anyone receiving a paycheck from MLB will EVER be allowed to have anything to do with gambling on the sport. That will always be grounds for immediate dismissal.
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And, yeah, the optics on this are a bit shady. I can already hear the sports-talk folks yelling about the hypocrisy of this whole situation—HOW CAN BASEBALL EMBRACE GAMBLING AND STILL BAN ROSE?!?!— but they will be missing the point.
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Look, Pete Rose might eventually get into the Hall of Fame. Baseball might one day decide that he’s served enough punishment and offer terms of a parole. But not because of this bit of news.

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