Sammy Sosa has some regrets but won’t beg for return

Billy Williams, Ryne Sandberg, Kerry Wood — many former Chicago Cubs legends took part in the 2016 World Series celebration, but one was noticeably absent: Sammy Sosa. And from what he’s saying, a reunion isn’t likely anytime soon.

Former Cubs media relations employee Chuck Wasserstrom spoke with Sosa over Skype recently and wrote about their conversation on his personal blog. Sosa, who played 13 years with the Cubs, said he regrets how he parted with the team but said he won’t come begging to sing “Take Me Out to the Ball Game” during the seventh-inning stretch.

“I never say ‘No’ to that. I owe something to the people — to the crowd in Chicago,” he said. “For that, I would come back. But I’m not going to go up there and say, ‘I’m here. Please bring me back and give me a chance.’ No way. I’m not hungry. I have too much pride. They know where they can find me.”

Sammy Sosa says he was clean and doesn’t have to beg to return to the Cubs and Major League Baseball.

Sosa left the Cubs’ game early on the last day of the 2004 season, incensing some teammates, who smashed his boombox. After initially lying about leaving the clubhouse, Sosa later said he had permission from then-manager Dusty Baker. It was a messy situation that followed whispers of performance-enhancing drug use and Sosa getting busted for using a corked bat in 2003.
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The Cubs traded the outfielder to the Orioles after the 2004 season, and the sides have not reconciled.

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