Patriots cope with Boston’s ‘zero tolerance’ public drinking ban by drinking in public

The mayor of Boston gave a stern no-nonsense warning to those attending the Patriots victory parade on Tuesday morning: No public drinking or marijuana. Unfortunately, the Patriots didn’t get the memo.

Look, we’re hardly the narcs here. These are adults, and it’s afternoon — which makes it almost culturally acceptable. That said, it’s pretty dang funny that the mayor went to the efforts of saying stuff like this:

Reports emerged in the week leading up to the NFC Championship that Shanahan was the favorite to become the Niners’ next head coach. Shanahan didn’t allow the head coaching opportunity distract him from preparing for the Super Bowl, and that focus was surely part of the appeal for the Niners.

“The one thing that I know is that I’ll have no regrets about this Super Bowl,” Shanahan said in the week leading up to Super Bowl LI. “I’m 100 percent committed to thinking about this and I know from living my life and watching how it’s done from my dad that this game is something you remember forever and I would never do anything to jeopardize that.”

Shanahan is a good fit to turn the 49ers offense around, though the improvement may not be immediate. His scheme is complex. Matt Ryan did settle in and turned in an MVP-caliber performance after an additional year to learn the system, but it took time to adjust.

The 49ers actually have a longer road to offensive improvement than Atlanta did. San Francisco finished last season ranked No. 31 in the league for total offense. In Atlanta, Shanahan inherited Ryan and Julio Jones, as well as Devonta Freeman, who wasn’t yet a household name but certainly had the potential to be.

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