Ryan Anderson scored a game-high 25 points on six 3s against the Kings on Tuesday

Eric Gordon seemed like his old self after battling injuries to his big toe and back for nearly two weeks. He had his usual lift on his jump shot and seemed to have a burst on drives. Gordon had 17 points on 15 shots, giving another reason why the Rockets, despite their defensive struggles in January, will be just fine.
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Nene, who played just 13 first-half minutes, scored six points off Harden passes and ended the night with 11 points. Nene, who is the only Rocket subjected to the Rest Designation on the second night of back-to-backs, blocked two of DeMarcus Cousins’ shots, drove the lane for buckets and had some life to his game.

“I’ll never play him when we don’t need him,” Mike D’Antoni said. “There’ll be days that we give him off because we feel that the matchup is OK for us. But if there’s a somebody like a Cousins, there’s somebody he’s playing, so we look at the calendar and make sure that Nene is ready to go on those days.”

Rest, something the Kings clearly needed having played their eighth game in 12 days, is what the Rockets also sought.

Tomlinson became the 75th player selected for induction on the first ballot, voted in by attaining 80 percent approval from the 48-person selection committee.

“I never, as a kid, dreamed about going to the Hall of Fame,” Tomlinson said. “It just wasn’t something that a kid dreamed about. I dreamed about making it to the National Football League and playing in Super Bowls and winning championships as a kid. That’s what I dreamed about.”

Taylor was Defensive Player of the Year in 2006 with 13? sacks and finished his 15-year career, most of them with the Dolphins, with 139? sacks, eight interceptions and 29 fumble recoveries.

Limited Mens Sen’Derrick Marks Jersey “To say that I’m elated is an understatement,” he said. “This whole experience has been humbling, but today, to get that knock on the door and be welcomed into the most sacred and prestigious fraternity in our game? I’m almost at a loss for words. And to share this moment with my sons has made me as proud and as honored as I’ve ever been.”

Easley was a five-time Pro Bowl selection whose career lasted only seven seasons because of kidney issues. He was the NFL’s Defensive Player of the Year in 1984.

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